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Restaurant Management System
(F & B POS Solutions)

Gourmate Restaurant Management system
    is the world-leading POS System developed on Linux
    platform.  The comprehensive functions, full suite of
    integrated products and open interfaces with major
    industry software have satisfied varied and diverse
    sectors in the F&B industry including international
    hotel chains, clubs, restaurant groups and
    international theme parks that require a high
    performance, absolute reliable and flexible POS

iGourmate Restaurant Management System
    is the Microsoft Windows based POS solution for
    small and medium sized chain restaurants which
    require cost effective and easy to use POS system.  
    It is developed by award-winning software
    developer- Infrasys (HK) Ltd which has thousands of
    proven installations around the worlds with
    customers ranging from most 5-star international
    hotel chains, large clubs to restaurant of all kinds.  
    With lower cost of ownership, iGourmate ensures
    fast return on investment and increase in
    operational efficiency while improving customer
    services and increasing profitability.
    Other Optional Module available:
PDA Wireless Ordering
WorldBonus Customer Loyalty Program (WB)
Inventory Management System (ILMS)
Table Management System (TMS)
   POS Solutions for Retail Business
X-Retail POS system
    is a Microsoft windows platform designed for
    any retail business industry. Its Features can
    be tailored to fit in any retail business.

    From the past proven installation,  it feature
    rich, user friendly interface have been well
    received and earning satisfactory by lots of
    customer from various retailing industry.

    This system is suitable for retail business line
    such as pharmacy store, Apparel/ Fashion
    Boutique, Book/ Video store, Mini market,
    Supermarket, Cakes & Bakery and many
X-Enterprise Solutions
    X-Enterprise is a fully integrated business
    software solution that provides complete
    control over the planning and management
    of all facets of business including accounting,
    distribution, manufacturing and retail
    operations in a variety of industries.

    The software extends control throughout the
    price/performance and functionality that
    assists companies in furthering their Supply
    Chain Control to achieve greater efficiency.

    X-Enterprise Solution optimizes the
    management capabilities of manufacturers,
    distributors and retailers.

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