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Raptor Point of Sales (POS) was designed to be quick and easy to use. The POS /
Point of Sales interface screens are carefully designed so that all type of
transactions will take the minimum number of screen touches. Every click on the
screen is captured which provides unparalleled security. With a full audit feature in
the Raptor backoffice, every change in price / promotion is captured too, gone are
the days when changes are made in the system and no one knows who did it.

Software provides you the ability to quickly train a waiter, new cashier or even a new
manager. All transactions are executed based on a logical process, which
incorporates screen layouts that makes the next key press almost predictable. This
means with the reduced training times, your staff can spend more time serving
customers instead, and this of course will contribute to the success of your
Raptor allows the use of Apple iPAD or iPOD Touch as an order system.
Backoffice is a complete management tool for managers, accountants and owners of
any F&B establishment. It is easy to use and has many features covering areas such
as, security, promotions, customer relations, marketing and reporting.
Restaurant Managers will benefit from being able to plan dining spaces better because
Raptor provides up to date information about restaurant sessions. Raptor Table
Reservations is directly integrated with our Raptor POS system thus providing
seamless data transfer the moment the guests’ step into your restaurant.

  • Integrated with Raptor POS system
  • Real time table reservations
  • Streamlines table reservations for guests
  • Simple search functions by phone, names
  • Identifies VIP, Regular and Repeat Guests together with their special
    preferences whether it is table, beverage and food
  • Deposits can used together with table reservations for special events
Raptor HQ Software is basically to control and report on a number
of outlets. Sales from individual outlets can be transferred to HQ via
various methods of communication, through telephone lines, fibre
optic cables or mobile magnetic medias. The HQ software allows
user to perform the same features as are available in Raptor
Back-Office for every respective outlet.
CRM Module within the POS system enables the awarding of the
of the points / rebate not only based on dollar value spent but
points / rebates that can also be associated to specific items. This
allow you to make your loyalty or reward system more attractive to
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